Module 1 – Introduction to the World of Ancient African Christianity – (6 units/9 semester hours)

This initial module focuses on the formative centuries of the early church, often designated “Ancient Christianity.”  The module begins with the apostolic experience and ends with the impact and aftermath of the Council of Chalcedon (451 C.E.), with some concluding considerations regarding the end of Ancient Christianity.  It was during these early centuries that Christianity grew from a small Jewish messianic faith community to be the majority religion of the Roman Empire – and beyond.  Module 1 includes early African geography, social history, economics, the nature of religion in the ancient world, gender relations and status, related ancient history and culture, (i.e., Phoenician, Greek, Roman, Ethiopian, Egyptian, Berber, Nubian), the African memory of Mark, and the occurrence of the first martyrdoms (such as that at Scilli).

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