Module 6 – Thesis or Practicum – (6 units/9 semester hours)

You write a solid MA Thesis of ca. 20.000 words.  This shows whether you have the academic knowledge of the subject you write your thesis about. 

Or you do a Practicum. This practicum focuses upon answering a central question: what is the continuing relevance and enduring importance of Early African Christian Studies for the 21st century? In this module, ethical issues related to poverty and wealth, war and military service, gender, issues of human sexuality, marriage and family, capital punishment, slavery and human trafficking, and the relation between church and society are examined from the perspective of the early African church. Other topics in module 6 include: the African fathers interpreted in a European context; the African fathers interpreted in an African-American context; the African fathers interpreted in an African context. The PRACTICUM may includes a travel component: students may want to visit key sites in a variety of locales: possibilities include Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, and Ethiopia.

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The residential weeks for the MA studies and its administrative center are at St Michael and all Angels Anglican Church in Heliopolis. The MA study is ecumenical and open to students from any denomination.


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» 5-8 October 2016: Residential week with Dr Evan Howard on Monasticism in the Early Church