Advantages of this Master’s study

For those who finish the 6 module course successfully, there are great benefits beside the joy of studying this great subject of Early African Church History.

The MA prepares students for further graduate study in the field;
It also prepares students for vocations in teaching, publishing, ministry, para-church service, international service, social work, or public policy related to the continent of Africa; for some students, the degree will fulfill their intellectual curiosity and provide the opportunity to explore more fully the heritage of the Church that richly developed in the biblical, theological, historical, political, and ecclesial soil of ancient Africa.

A student satisfactorily completing the MA in Early African Christian Studies will be able to:
    •    critically evaluate evidence and its interpretation, and to foster differing interpretations;
    •    sustain a logical argument and reach a conclusion that can be defended;
    •    synthesize and analyze information;
    •    compare and contrast theoretical explanations and integrate different methodologies;
    •    apply basic principles of historical and theological research to texts and contexts with special attention given to the culturally diverse historical expressions of Christian faith and practice;
    •    articulate and demonstrate the relationship between early African Christian biblical exegesis, theological composition, and spiritual and ethical practice;
    •    write effectively at an advanced level;
    •    use electronic resources for ancient historians and classicists;
    •    find, manage and utilize information and data;
    •    adapt and apply skills to new contexts;
    •    assess the work of others and of their own, to engage effectively in debate at an advanced level, to plan, design and carry out a coherent research strategy, and to produce detailed and coherent reports and presentations.

The following goals are envisioned for the program:
    •    To provide research training as a foundation for graduate research in New Testament studies, historical theology, Christian spirituality, and patristics related to an ancient African context.
    •    To enrich contemporary faith expressions and traditions through a deep exploration and dialog with early African Christian exegetes, theologians, pastors, and disciples.  

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In October 2016, we begin with the new group of students that desires to study towards an MA in Early African Christian Studies. Now is the time to register!

in Heliopolis

The residential weeks for the MA studies and its administrative center are at St Michael and all Angels Anglican Church in Heliopolis. The MA study is ecumenical and open to students from any denomination.


» 1 October 2016. Deadline for paying the one-time Registration fee for new students only.

» 5 October 2016: deadline for paying tuition.

» 5-8 October 2016: Residential week with Dr Evan Howard on Monasticism in the Early Church