Study method: based in Egypt

Twice a year students gather for a week in Heliopolis at St Michael’s Church with professors who fly into Egypt from the USA or elsewhere.

The delivery method for the MA blends residential and online coursework.  Each 21-week module includes 12 weeks of guided reading, research, and discussion, one week of full-time residency with the professor of record, and 8 more weeks of research, writing, cohort learning collaboration, and evaluation.  Each module residency consists of 40 instructional hours.

The learning process for each module consists of three phases: concentrated reading, study in residence at St Michael’s Church, Heliopolis, and research.  Each phase blends individual and group learning; subsequent phases build upon the learning attained in previous phases.  

  • The first phase is a residential phase of 40 hours (one week, full-time) of study.  During the module residency, the student cohort group gathers at St Michael’s Heliopolis to explore in situ the content of the module.  The residential week is structured to provide optimal exposure to and opportunity for critical, constructive reflection on each module’s specific content, information that has been the focus of the 12 week reading period.
  • The second phase is a reading phase that lasts for 12 weeks.  Each student, as part of a cohort study group, is guided through a module’s specific reading program.  Reading assignments are downloaded weekly from the module website (Facebook).  At the end of the reading phase of the module, students will have collected and completed a reader for the module.  The reader provides not only initial exposure and foundation for the module, but also a conceptual framework for the remainder of the module.  During this reading phase students also embark on an individualized guided inquiry that leads to a research project.
  • The reading phase is followed by the final 4 week research phase; this focuses on a particular research project based on the 12 week reading period and 40 hour residential intensive.  Each student will conduct their own research project in collaboration with their cohort and professor of record.

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in Heliopolis

The residential weeks for the MA studies and its administrative center are at St Michael and all Angels Anglican Church in Heliopolis. The MA study is ecumenical and open to students from any denomination.


» 1 October 2016. Deadline for paying the one-time Registration fee for new students only.

» 5 October 2016: deadline for paying tuition.

» 5-8 October 2016: Residential week with Dr Evan Howard on Monasticism in the Early Church