We have decided to not aim for accreditation for our MA studies in order to be able to fullfill our educational goals and in order to make our education accessible for more people.  The reasons behind this are:

  • At $680 per credit unit US education is very expensive. Tuition alone for graduate education is almost $25,000. 
  • For accredtation, the applicant must meet the standards of English proficiency. A minimum TOEFL score of 550 (paper-based) or 79 (Internet-based) is required.
  • At least 2 full-time professors involved in the program must be employed for accredition. This limits our use of faculty from schools across the US with specialized research in early African Christianity.
  • Degree in Early African Christianity is not available in US because degree is not broad enough for accrediting agencies. Why? Because it is too specialized for the American teaching market.  US degree programs are more interested in secondary literature and scholarly apparatus than actually reading the early African writers. We believe that the primary goal is to read and study the early African writers in their context. Secondary literature is a useful tool for achieving this goal. Learning the latest methodological trends in religious studies and the social sciences may be interesting and valuable if pursuing a terminal degree in religious studies but it does not prepare a person for Christian ministry or mature theological reflection.

Mind you! The fact that we purposely do not seek accreditation does not lower the standards of our teaching and of our MA.  Our teachers are all recognized scholars and professors with PhDs; together they guarantee that a MA in Early African Christian Studies has high value and that it will be recognized as a formidable tool for ministry and for further studies. 

Moreover - we can offer help with our graduates getting accepted in further education, especially in Europe. 




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In October 2016, we begin with the new group of students that desires to study towards an MA in Early African Christian Studies. Now is the time to register!

in Heliopolis

The residential weeks for the MA studies and its administrative center are at St Michael and all Angels Anglican Church in Heliopolis. The MA study is ecumenical and open to students from any denomination.


» 1 October 2016. Deadline for paying the one-time Registration fee for new students only.

» 5 October 2016: deadline for paying tuition.

» 5-8 October 2016: Residential week with Dr Evan Howard on Monasticism in the Early Church